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The Ohio Driving Academy LLC offers a wide array of driving instruction and certification services.  We offer courses for teens, adults alike.  Our courses are taught in an energized and modern classroom by professional instructors who have dedicated years of their lives to the driving industry.

"Open your books to page 117"The expectation of many students attending a driver education program is that they will be taught by a fat guy with a mono-tone voice wearing a plaid blazer and a toupee.  They expect to spend most of their time trying to stay awake and just want to "get through it".  Some students will actually choose a driving school because "you don't have to do anything and you can text message in class".  These are quotes that have actually been made in our presence!

There appears to be no limit to the horror stories told by the students who have been shorted on their driver education.  Some parents, and most students, know of someone who has a "funny" story about their driving instructor taking them to eat, making them pay for gas or running errands during their behind-the-wheel instruction time.  There are too many stories about classroom instructors putting in videos and leaving or making you spend 4 hours reading out of the book and answering review questions.  We don't think these stories are funny.  What are they really learning there?  Are they going to be the statistical young driver who gets hit by a train or plows through an intersection in to a van with your family in it?

We don't find these practices to be very amusing.  They are a violation of the regulations of The Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Revised Code and the contract you signed when you enrolled yourself or your child in those classes.  These activities create a negative view of our industry and perpetuate a stigma which surrounds all driving schools.  You paid for 32 hours of instruction when you signed up.  Is you student a better driver for the amount of time they spent in the school, or did they just "get by"?  Did you get what you paid for?

How long did it take you to learn how to type?  200+ hours, just to be "OK" at it?  The keyboard never changes.  It is the same every time you sit in front of it.  What happens if you make a mistake?  "Backspace"!  No harm done.  Most of us don't have to type every day, so it is not that big of a deal.

How long does it take to learn to drive a car?  32 hours?  This is a skill that we use almost every day of our lives.  Every time you go around the block, something is different.  You are driving in an ever-changing environment with potential surprises around every corner.  What happens when someone makes a mistake?  There is no backspace button.  There is no way to replace a life or limb and the financial impact can last a lifetime.  Too many times, a driver only gets one chance to make one mistake and the ride is over... FOREVER!

It takes a lifetime to learn how to drive a car.  We have only 32 hours to give you, or your teen, the basic foundation of knowledge necessary to build a lifetime of skills upon.  We have only 32 hours to teach safety practices and make a life-long impact on our students' driving.  We see this as an awesome responsibility and we take it very seriously.  When you enroll for a 32 hour course at The Ohio Driving Academy LLC, you will get 32 hours of training.

The negative stigma is the last thing you will find at The Ohio Driving Academy (ok...  maybe the plaid blazer).  Our classroom instruction is interactive and fun.  We teach you the material and then reinforce it through applications and activities.  Since our instructors are law enforcement and driving professionals, they relate the information to you in a first person, "this is what I have seen" type of perspective.  Our presentations are done using PowerPoint.  The textbooks are only to follow along and reference, not to "read and repeat".  Our classrooms have multiple instructional tools to better assist you in visualizing the concepts we are teaching.  Our videos are as modern as possible and our method of instruction is far from mono-tone.  Our behind-the-wheel instruction is taught in a manner which allows you to make decisions and develop skills in a controlled and supervised environment and we don't teach "how to get through tight spaces" at the fast food restaurant drive-thru.

Come in and get "Experienced" !!