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The Ohio Driving Academy LLCThe Ohio Driving Academy is dedicated to serving you in the most efficient and professional manner possible.  On occasion, we will post opinion polls to solicit your responses on how we can better serve you.  Please take a moment to tell us what you think.  Your opinion is valued and needed to maintain the standards which you desire and deserve in your driving school.

A quality driver's education is the foundation of all of your driving skills.We are a school which offers our students instruction in the safe operation of a motor-vehicle on the roadways of America.  What we teach you, or your teen driver, is the groundwork for the understanding and experience that will form over years of driving.  We have 32 hours to make an impact on you which will stay with you over many years.  We take this responsibility very seriously.

We are teaching the drivers of the future.  We are making an effort to create higher safety awareness and lower accident statistics for everyone.  Ours is a school which is owned and operated by driving professionals and as such, we understand the need for a driver to be aware of what is happening around them instead of reacting to a problem they drove in to.

Almost ALL traffic collisions are preventable... if you know what to look for.Every year, thousands of Americans lose their lives in automobile collisions.  Unfortunately, not every one of those victims was "at fault".  A lot of them had made no error short of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Too many people die every day due to the ignorance, carelessness and recklessness of other drivers on the roads.  We want to help you avoid becoming one of those statistics by teaching you the ways to identify traffic hazards before you end up in the middle of one.

We have all seen the drivers who show no regard for the laws or for the safety and rights of others.  They drive as if they were the only person on (or near) the road.  They are a danger to themselves and anyone near them.  You may even know some of the victims of these "drivers".  We can teach you how to identify these dangerous people and safely interact with them to minimize the hazard they pose to you. 

At The Ohio Driving Academy, if we can teach just one student the skills and knowledge needed to avoid just one incident which would have resulted in damage, injury or death, then we have succeeded in our goal.