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We love to hear students talk about how much they enjoyed their driver training experience with us.  When you tell your friends, the word spreads fast.  Your friends come to see us and they tell their friends.  We greatly appreciate these referrals to our business.  IN FACT, we appreciate it so much that we are willing to reward you for your efforts.

The Ohio Driving Academy LLC is offering a money-making opportunity to all of our students who have friends, neighbors, family or anyone in between that they would like to share their experience with.

                                The Ohio Driving Academy LLC

                                           Referral Program

     The Ohio Driving Academy LLC offers you, the student, an opportunity to earn back a portion of your tuition through our referral program.  We appreciate your kind reference to our school and are ready to make your comments pay off for you.

     Upon full payment of your tuition, you will receive a book of numbered coupons which you can distribute to your friends and fellow students.  Each student who applies, and pays in full, for the Teen Driver Training Program is an eligible referral for this program.  The coupon must be handed in, by the referred student, at the time they apply for the course.  The coupon must be an original ODA coupon and the number must be previously unused by you.  No coupons will be accepted after the initial application is filled out.  A copy of the coupon will be placed in both your and the new student’s file as a record of its use and to verify eligibility for the program.

     By referring your friends to The Ohio Driving Academy LLC, for their driver training needs, you will be eligible to receive a $20 reimbursement, per referral, as long as you meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Your tuition has been paid in full.
  • If you paid by check or credit card, the payment has cleared the bank.
  • The new student turns in the coupon at the time they register for classes.
  • The coupon issued by the referred student is an original ODA coupon.
  • The number of the coupon has not already been used.
  • The referred student’s tuition must be paid in full.
  • You and the referred student must have completed at least 4 classrooms.
  • If the referred student paid by check or credit card, the payment must have cleared the bank.

     Upon meeting the above criteria, you will be issued a check for the amount owed to you, at a rate of $20 per student referred.  Having been issued 10 coupons, this allows you the opportunity to earn back $200 of your original tuition fees.

     Management does reserve the right to terminate this program without notice.  All coupons are subject to inspection and verification of their authenticity.  No refunds will be made if questionable or fraudulent conditions exist.  Checks are issued for accountability of funds and may be cashed at the nearest location which the check is drawn upon.