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Who better to teach you or your teen about driving than someone who has made a career on the roads?The Ohio Driving Academy offers the finest in driver training and customer service.  We provide these excellent services by hiring professionals from the law enforcement and driving industries to teach you from an "inside perspective" of how and why things are.  By letting us serve you, you will benefit from our lifetime of skills.

Meet the folks making sure you get the best driver education available.

Chip Daly - Mr. Daly is the owner and founder of The Ohio Driving Academy.  He spent 10 years in the trucking industry as a driver and supervisor prior to becoming a police officer.  He retired from the Dayton Police Department in 2006 and has been teaching driver education, for other companies, in various cities in the area.  His energetic classroom teaching is a legacy which his prior students still remember and talk about.

Nicole Daly - Nikki is the voice you hear on the phone when you call in.  She is the person who schedules your drives and keeps the company moving along.

Paul Clark - Paul is the official operator of the JankMaster 3000.  He teaches behind-the-wheel training in the Miami County area.  His years of trucking and busing allow him to teach you or your teen the insightful level of instruction that separates us from other driving schools.