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We are a community business serving the students of Miami County.  As such, we feel a responsibility to all of the students, parents and to the communities as a whole.  To show our commitment, we are offering this "clean up" program.

Regardless of your decision to go to "this school" or "that school", we want you to be a safe and mindful driver.  If you have completed your studies at some other driving school and find that you are unable to pass your state driving test, call us.  We may be able to help you out.

We will work with you to "iron out" the wrinkles in your driving and prepare you for your test.  We will help you understand the skills necessary to pass the maneuverability and/or driving skills portion of your test.  Though we cannot guarantee that you will pass, sometimes it helps to get a different perspective on things.

We offer this service at no cost (Sheesh... you've already paid for driver training once and there is no reason to pay again).  We will talk with you and set up the cones or drive around and critique your driving.  Whatever you need.  We will spend approximately 30 minutes or so with anyone who needs our help.  This service will have to be scheduled and will be secondary to the scheduling of our drivers, but we will squeeze you in.

While this service is free, we do ask that you bring the following paperwork with you.

  • Your Temporary Packet
  • Your Certificate of Completion from the school you chose
  • Your state testing paperwork with the information on why you did not pass
  • The receipt showing what school you went to and that it is paid in full 

We are here to help.  We will not tease you (maybe a little) or make you feel bad for not passing your test.  We feel that we are serving the best interest of our community by helping the new drivers on the road not only pass their test but know what they are doing.  Feel free to call us and schedule a time for this service.