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The Ohio Driving Academy LLC hires only professional instructors who have a proven background in the driving industry.  This is an important hiring criteria since we are teaching students about driving from an "inside" (been there, seen that) viewpoint.  We offer very competitive wages, perk programs and a great working environment.  We are not offering any medical benefits at this time. 

Instructors are required to be certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety in order to teach students.  This certification requires a criminal and driving record background check.  If you are already certified, please let us know and be able to provide a copy of your license.  For applicants who meet all of the other criteria we are looking for, training is available for certification.

If you think you have what we are looking for, stop by and see us or fill out the form below and we will contact you.  Be specific in telling us what professional driving or public safety background you have.